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Give Resorts International North American a try! We have 35 years experience in the business of marketing campgrounds and RV parks. We film properties and put them on DVD's, then we overnight mail them accross the world. Our system excels at bringing buyers and sellers together across wide geographic locations. We represent campgrounds for sale accross the United States and in Canada. We may be able to help you locate New York properties currently on the market. For confidentiality reasons we do not give out park names on our website, we will however freely give that information over the phone. New York may be one of the states we are currently representing properties in. We constantly seek new listings and will locate specific parks for our clients. Please Contact us to narrow your New York campground search.

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State of New York Public sites:

State of New York: Official site of the state, source of online services and information.

Department of Natural Resources: The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation exists to:"conserve, improve, and protect the New York State's natural resources and environment, and control water, land and air pollution, in order to enhance the health, safety and welfare of the people of the state and their overall economic and social well being.

Tourism: Official New York Tourism website. Excerpt from website: "New York State offers an infinite number of ways to enjoy the great outdoors: sleeping under the stars, walking through a virgin forest or reaching the top of a mountain peak for a breathtaking view. A hiking and camping vacation is a wonderful way to see the land as it was before civilization -- natural, rugged, uninhabited and beautiful. The Adirondacks are both wild and friendly -- perfect for enjoying the outdoors. An extraordinary hiking trail system leads to the highest peaks, the loveliest waterfalls and isolated lakes."

State Parks: This is the official New York State Parks Web site. Excerpt from website: " Why not consider staying in one of New York's beautiful state parks? Imagine pitching a tent near the St. Lawrence River or one of the beautiful lakes or waking up in your recreational vehicle surrounded by the majesty of the woods or cooking breakfast in a cabin overlooking the "Grand Canyon of the East."

State of New York Commercial sites and Organizations:

New York Campground Owners Association:

Historical information about New York
Motto: Excelsior - Ever Upward

Excerpt from the New York History website:
"By 1600 the English were becoming interested in a region they had previously ignored, the region between New Jersey and Maine that they called North Virginia. In the space of a few years, most of it would be transformed into the second primary English settlement in America, New England. The voyage of Bartholomew Gosnold was the first attempt to establish a colony in the region. Privately financed by the Earl of Southampton, Gosnold sailed for New England in 1602 with twenty would-be colonists aboard. A colony was established on Cuttyhunk Island, a very small island south of modern New Bedford, Massachusetts. A good defensive site, the island was hopelessly inadequate for a colony, which quickly failed, largely because of Indian hostility. Nevertheless, the English continued to be interested in this apparently fertile land. ...." (click link for full text)

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