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Give Resorts International North American a try! We have 35 years experience in the business of marketing campgrounds and RV parks. We film properties and put them on DVD's, then we overnight mail them accross the world. Our system excels at bringing buyers and sellers together across wide geographic locations. We represent campgrounds for sale accross the United States and in Canada. We may be able to help you locate Pennsylvania properties currently on the market. For confidentiality reasons we do not give out park names on our website, we will however freely give that information over the phone. Pennsylvania may be one of the states we are currently representing properties in. We constantly seek new listings and will locate specific parks for our clients. Please Contact us to narrow your Pennsylvania campground search.

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State of Pennsylvania Public sites:

State of Pennsylvania: Official site of the state, source of online services and information. Welcome to the State of Pennsylvania's official Website, a portal providing instant access to government services and information. We invite you to use this tool to explore and discover our state, to contact our agencies, and to experience the convenience of our many online services.

Department of Natural Resources: "Vision: Forestry, State Parks, Environmental Education, Facility Design and Construction, Management Services, Community Recreation Assistance, Rivers Conservation, Trails and Greenways, Topographic and Geologic Survey, and the Conservation and Natural Resources Advisory Council."

Tourism: is an official tourism Web site for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The site is organized by groups of four-day roadtrips designed to promote travel and tourism in Pennsylvania. The layout and design of is the result of a collaborative effort between the Pennsylvania Tourism Office of the Department of Community and Economic Development and its interactive agency, in cooperation with related agencies and organizations that have provided input in the form of content and suggestions.

State Parks: Pennsylvania’s state parks system is operating under tight fiscal constraints this year due to the overall economic climate in Pennsylvania. These cuts in the state parks’ operating budgets require some reductions in services or partial closures of certain facilities. All parks are open for business. Each park is managing its cuts in a way that will have the least impact on visitors. For instance, a picnic area within a park may be closed due to staff availability. Environmental education programs may be reduced or eliminated. Lake swimming might be unguarded on certain days of the week. We encourage visitors to call ahead if they have concerns about the park they plan to visit. Reservations can still be made as normal Monday through Saturday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 888-PA-PARKS. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our visitors. We plan to do our best in providing as many services as we can during these difficult times. We hope to offer the same overall quality experience that our visitors have come to expect from the Pennsylvania Bureau of State Parks.

State of Pennsylvania Commercial sites and Organizations:

Pennsylvania Campground and RV Park Association:
On behalf of the over 200 members of the Pennsylvania Campground Owners Association, you are invited to spend time traveling and camping with us while enjoying some of the pleasures and treasures of this great Commonwealth. Whatever your outdoor pursuits, you will find the perfect setting in this great and diverse vacationland. From our cities, abounding with culture and history, to our vast farmlands, to our beaches on Lake Erie, your next camping vacation awaits you in Pennsylvania!

Historical information about Pennsylvania
Motto: Virtue, Liberty, and Independence

Excerpt from the Pennsylvania Historical website:
"On March 4, 1681, King Charles II of England granted William Penn a New World colony as payment for a debt of 16,000 pounds the King owed to Penn's father, a deceased admiral in the British Navy. It was a shrewd move on the part of Charles. By giving Penn a colony in America, he managed to pay off an outstanding debt and at the same time rid his country of Quakers, a religious sect that constantly challenged English laws and the legitimacy of the Anglican Church, the nation's established church. Penn's tract of land consisted of 45,000 square miles of land, an area almost as large as England itself. King Charles named the new colony, "Penn's woods" in honor of the admiral. Penn called the capital city Philadelphia, meaning the "City of Brotherly Love," to reflect his desire that his colony serve as a haven for Quakers and other oppressed Christians seeking religious freedom..." (click link for full text)

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